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Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon: The Human Honey Badger (“Cause Tiger Woods’ wife don’t give a shit, Tiger Woods’ wife takes what she wants”)

A few weeks ago Willow of Willow’s Web Astrology and I speculated as to what we thought the astrological chart of the Honey Badger might look like. Based on his behavior in the now famous YouTube video bearing his name, we guessed he’d have some Capricorn placements along with a strongly placed Pluto:

A few days later I realized, “Why not just run a chart for the Honey Badger based on the upload date of his YouTube video?” So I did just that. Born (uploaded) on January 18th 2011, the Honey Badger is a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon. (See Chart)

According to astrologer Jefferson Anderson, Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon is the Sun/Moon pairing of “the Tough Guy” who hides a sensitive interior behind a macho exterior:

On the surface, you try hard to maintain a tough image but you are actually a very sensitive and emotionally vulnerable individual. Insecurity is your main stumbling block. In order to contend with these deep seated feelings of inadequacy you either resign yourself to despair or build a tough shell to protect yourself from hurt and anguish.

Your challenge is to being to recognize your sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness and to allow your true self to blossom. (Source)

Capricorn Sun with Cancer Moon is one of the Sun/Moon pairings most likely to suffer from a sense of social isolation. Capricorn tends to retreat behind an all-business, no-nonsense fortress of bah humbug while Cancer tends to hide inside a hardened shell of privacy similar to its animal symbol the crab. From the looks of his famous video, Honey Badger doesn’t seem to have much in the way of friends or romantic interests, two areas of life that are particularly challenging for this pairing. Commenting on the Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon native’s tendency to got it alone, Anderson explains:

Set apart from the crowd as you are, you choose neither to lead or be led. Essentially you are an independent type, preferring the comfort of going it alone. Such self-imposed exile can develop into profound loneliness . . . (Source)

The biggest life lesson for this Sun/Moon pairing, according to Anderson, is to learn self-love and self-appreciation.

Honey Badger’s Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon Astro-Twin: Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg

Former professional wrestling phenomenon Bill Goldberg is also Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon. (Goldberg’s Natal Chart) Much like his four legged astro-twin, Goldberg has succeeded in a series of professional environments where conducting oneself like “a nasty ass animal” is part of the job description:

People with the same Sun/Moon pairing (“Astro-twins”) often bear a impossible to dismiss resemblance to each other even if they’re obviously not related by blood. Take a look at this screenshot of the Honey Badger from his famous YouTube video and compare it to a screenshot of Goldberg taken from a 1998 television interview to see what I mean:

Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon Astro-Twins: Nasty Ass Animal The Honey Badger and Nasty Ass Animal Bill Goldberg

Notice any similarities?

Astro-twin resemblances are more about vibe, demeanor, and the physical ingraining of habitual emotional patterns than simply looks. The phenomenon thus crosses not only racial and demographic boundaries but also species classifications, as the above photos make clear.

The astro-twin phenomenon also crosses gender boundaries. Elen Nordegren, most often referred to as “Tiger Woods’ wife”, is a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon. (Chart) Like Bill Goldberg, this makes her a fellow member of the Human Honey Badger club:

We’ll never know for sure what happened that fateful night when Tiger Woods allegedly crashed his SUV after his wife found out he had been cheating on her. But you can bet that much like her furry astro-twin the Honey Badger, “Tiger Woods’ wife don’t give a shit. Tiger Woods’ wife takes what she wants”. That includes $750 million in a now pending divorce settlement.

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