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Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Shaman, the Snake, and the Witchdoctor

April 6th, 2013 3 comments

Pair the protective nature of a Cancer Sun with the clandestine instincts of a Scorpio Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is private and instinctual, mysterious and intriguing, dramatic and passionate, extremely cunning and nearly impossible to read. Other Cancers stay close to the seashore, this one swims with the sharks. To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1981 cult classic film Escape from New York is a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) Astrologer Jefferson Andersen refers to Cancer/Scorpio as the pairing of “The Cobra” who is “not the timid, insecure, and introverted Cancer one so often reads about”. (Source) Amazingly, the name of Kurt Russell’s anti-hero protagonist in Escape from New York is “Snake Plissken”. He even has a tattoo of a cobra on his stomach:

This pairing is profoundly tuned in to deeply hidden undercurrents and is thus rarely wrong about the true direction of any human endeavor, whether on the political stage or in one’s private life. Cancer/Scorpio may not be psychic but it’s certainly prescient. The plot for Escape from New York is a great, if disturbing example of just how well-calibrated Cancer/Scorpio prescience can be. Written by director John Carpenter nearly 30 years before the events of 9/11, the film’s opening scene depicts terrorists hijacking an airliner and then flying it into a New York City skyscraper. In the film’s 1996 sequel a right wing Christian fanatic seizes the U.S. presidency, launches a global war against Muslims, outlaws gay marriage, and turns the homeland into a police state. (Sound familiar?) Astrologer Jacqueline Bigar says this pairing often “knows what is coming before it does”. (Source) Yeah, I’d say so:


Cancer is the sign most attuned to family, klan, and country while Scorpio is the sign most attuned to sex, death, and the scary-scary. The combination is one of the few which is willing to probe those family (Cancer) secrets (Scorpio) that one simply does not talk about. In Escape, Mr. Plissken is tasked with retrieving the U.S. nuclear launch codes, which are the national version of unspeakable family secrets.

Astrologers Charles and Suzi Harvey describe the Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon pairing as resonating with souls trapped within “psychotic underworlds”. (Source) You’ll be hard pressed to find a better example of people trapped in a “psychotic underworld” than this scene from Escape from New York:

According to Kurt Russell’s commentary on a special edition DVD version of Escape from New York, that scene set the emotional tone for the entire film. I’d say it gives you an extreme but fundamentally accurate idea of the type of situations that a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon person tends to find themselves in.

This is arguably the Sun/Moon pairing par-excelleance for emotional courage. According to the Harveys, its fearless pursuit of what lays in the shadows makes it an excellent psychologist, shaman, or (financial) witchdoctor:

You are brooding emotion incarnate . . .

You love suspense and mystery, and are drawn to understanding and grappling with the dark side of life . . . you have something of the detective and the psychoanalyst in you . . . You truly come alive when you have been given a search warrant to look inside a troubled mind (or bank account.) (Source)

That’s a pretty good approximation of the Snake Plissken character. His disposition is certainly of the “brooding” persuasion and he definitely grapples with the dark side of life, both the dark side that is the police state government and the dark side that is life on the island of New York. He isn’t given a search warrant to look inside a troubled mind but he does get marching orders to go inside the deeply troubled recesses of a society gone mad.

Being so tuned to the darker dimensions of life, Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon often possesses a darkly wry if under-appreciated sense of humor:

Both signs are also masters at navigating (subtly manipulating?) the unspoken currents of human psychology. It’s thus fitting that we’re left in the dark over how Kurt Russell’s character lost his left eye. Allowing the viewer’s imagination to conjure up what the back story of that eye patch might be results in a malevolently heroic shadow around Russell’s character that no amount of special effects could have generated.

Speaking of “malevolently heroic” types . . . Wikileaks mastermind Julian Assange is a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon whose real life biography bears an uncanny resemblance to the fictional biography of the Snake Plissken character. (Chart) Plissken’s mission in Escape entails the procurement of “leaked” state secrets not unlike what Assange’s job with Wikileaks entails. Assange’s icy disdain for the establishment is a close cousin of Plissken’s snarlingly contempt for it. Plissken is wanted for “moral crimes against the United States” while Assange may become one of the most wanted men in U.S. history should the Department of Justice get its way. Swap Plissken’s eye patch and gun-slinging prowess for Assange’s laptop and computer hacking skills and the two are near mirror images of each other.

Using its establishment date as its date of birth, the United States Secret Service is also a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac known for their attachment to home, family, klan, and country while Scorpio Moons are emotionally nourished by situations where the line between life and death is a thin one. The Secret Service is essentially an agency of highly protective homebodies (Cancer) tasked with going on secret operations (Scorpio). Like the Snake Plissken character we meet in the Escape films, two of their primary missions include protecting the president and securing the U.S. nuclear launch codes.

Secret Service agents just after the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan

Secret Service agents just after the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan

Unknown to most of the public, the Service is tasked with far more than just their protective duties. Originally organized under the Department of the Treasury, the bulk of the work the Service does involves the suppression of counterfeiting, money laundering, identity theft, and other financial crimes. (Source) Recall that the Harveys write of the Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon individual, “You truly come alive when you have been given a search warrant to look inside a troubled mind (or bank account).” (Source) That’s about as good a one-sentence summary of the Service’s law enforcement duties as is reasonably possible. It’s also a good summary of Assange’s duties at Wikileaks as he didn’t “truly came alive” until he begun taking on the “troubled minds” running some of the world’s most powerful banks. Even the Snake Plissken character got his start in psychological underworld that is the banking industry as the opening scene in original, uncut version of Escape has him robbing the Atlanta branch of the Federal Reserve, an institution that is almost certainly run by some very “troubled minds”.

While they’re obviously on opposite sides of the law, Assange and the Secret Service both spend a lot of time navigating the darkest geographies of the human experience. Strangely enough, Assange’s first high-profile target at Wikileaks was the dark geography that is the Church of Scientology while the Secret Service’s first high profile target back in the 1860s was the dark geography of the Ku Klux Klan. (Source) Both organizations have been characterized by former members as psychotic underworlds loaded with unspeakable family secrets. Other Sun/Moon pairings may “go where no man has ever gone before” but, as the trailer for Escape from New York so aptly puts it, only Cancer/Scorpio has the emotional courage to “go in where nobody has ever gotten out”.

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Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon: the Romantic Hero and the Hitman with a Heart (“I’ve soared with the eagles and slithered with the snakes and been everywhere in between.”)

November 10th, 2012 1 comment

Combine the psychological intensity of a Scorpio Sun with the romantic instincts of a Libra Moon and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing which will be extremely oriented towards one-to-one relationships. Astrologer Carolyn Reynolds describes this pairing’s capacity for romance:

This is one of the most charming men of the Sun/Moon combination, and the romantic par excellence. He is magnetic, persuasive, ardent and loyal. In one hypnotic nod he gestures he understands you, both physically and emotionally. He lives to understand you. He will calm and reassure you in the midst of his own inner turmoil that you are totally oblivious to.

What does he need to accomplish to balance out his life? To find the right partner. His every emotional fiber calls out for a mate. He needs to share his dreams, his goals, and every waking moment with someone. He looks for beauty in a woman, and for style as well as elegance. Scorpio or Capricorn hangs in there for years with this pairing.(Source)

Professional wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage, is a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) Savage’s most compelling performances coincided with his real life marriage to Elizabeth Hulette (aka “Miss Elizabeth”), a woman known for her beauty, style, and elegance who happened to be a Scorpio with a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. (Source) That Savage’s career peak came during his marriage is no surprise as Scorpio/Libra individuals only feel themselves when in a compelling partnership.

Savage and Hewlett had actually been married for eight years when the above storyline was developed. Although wedding was staged reports were that both took it as an opportunity to renew their relationship in real life.

Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon is not only one of the most romantic of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings, it’s also one of the most psychologically potent and intensely self-expressive. During his career Savage was renown for his ability to project as psychologically unhinged as Charles Bronson (Scorpio Sun) even as he was dressed as stylishly as Louis Vuitton (Libra Moon). In their book Sun Sign, Moon Sign, astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey emphasize the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon individual’s instinctual understanding of madness and capacity for intensely dramatic forms of self-expression:

You are pretty tough cookie, and if you cannot charm your way to the prize, you can certainly turn on the pressure. Although you optimistically hope for the best, you can be shrewdly understanding of the mad, the bad, and the ugly. . . . you need to have access to the dark and terrible to be able to put the boot in, so to speak.

You have a vivid imagination, a keen sense of drama, and probably rhythm, too, and if you take off in an artistic direction you can develop a very subtle yet eloquent manner of self-expression. You can be a charismatic showman with a dramatic delivery. (Source)

Take a look at any circa 1980s clip of Savage for a high volume but fundamentally accurate example of this pairing’s capacity for “eloquent self-expression”, “charismatic showmanship”, and willingness to access the “dark and terrible” parts of the psyche in order to “put the boot in”. All of this was done in pursuit of “the prize”, which for Savage was main-event billing at big time pay-per-views such as Wrestlemania. Given this pairing’s intensely (Scorpio) romantic (Libra) orientation, it’s probably no coincidence that Savage’s most “vividly imaginative” interviews and “keenly dramatic” in-ring performances were those where his beloved was at his side.

Astrologer Jefferson Anderson emphasizes this pairing’s skill at balancing color schemes and ability to succeed in “visually oriented fields such as photography, film, fashion, or interior design.” (Source) If Savage’s wildly colorful ensembles make one thing clear, it’s that the ability to expertly balance color schemes and accessories while projecting as “mad, bad, and ugly” is one of the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon native’s most clearly delineated strengths.

The combination of a Scorpio Sun’s psychological x-ray vision and a Libra Moon’s instincts for reciprocity endows this pairing with a real aptitude for coaxing the best out of “the other”. This applies in professional relationships as much as in romantic ones. During his wrestling career Savage was greatly admired by colleagues for his ability to make even the most brutish of performers look like polished superstars in the ring. Had he not gone into wrestling he probably could have achieved fame in partner dancing, or at least done very well on a show like “Dancing With the Stars”. Rapper Rob Van Winkle, best known as “Vanilla Ice”, is a Scorpio/Libra whose experienced something of a career resurgence as a result of his superb performances on such shows in Europe:

Each of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings has its own dark side. A pairing as intensely dramatic as Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon is going to have a dark side as intensely dramatic as its light side. The “dark and terrible” side of this pairing is most likely to express itself when the native feels injustices have occurred within the context of a one-to-one partnership, whether romantic or professional. In his book All Around the Zodiac, astrologer Bill Tierney describes the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon individual’s modus operandi of “first the velvet glove, then the iron fist”:

[This pairing] will negotiate first before resorting to hardball tactics to crush the opposition . . . others better not take advantage of our kindness and patience – which have their limits – since after bending over backwards enough times we’ll simply explode and do a lot of damage to those who have provoked us. Underneath the cultivated, polished way we handle ourselves in the world is more volatile temperament . . . There is much emotional power lurking beneath our surface charm. (Source)

Randy Savage’s ability to project an intensely “volatile temperament” and willingness to engage in “hardball tactics” was the lynchpin of his circa 1989 on-screen feud with Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea). The feud the most financially successful storyline in professional wrestling (soap opera?) history in large part due to Savage’s capacity to come off as so intensely and authentically fed up with Hogan. The fighting in this clip is, of course, staged but Savage’s unhinged tirade touches on what was a real-world truth: that for years he had been bending over backwards to make his more ballyhooed colleague look his best without getting the same in return. Whether in the imaginal world or the real world, a Scorpio/Libra is only going to tolerate such an unbalanced state of affairs for so long before finally exploding:

Years later we would find out that in real life Savage actually did suspect Hogan was responsible for the dissolution of his marriage, a perception that would send a Sun/Moon pairing as commitment minded as Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon completely over the edge. When asked during a circa 1992 out-of-character interview if he ever cries, Savage responded:

It’s okay to show every emotion available, I’ve cried 1,000 times before and I’ll cry some more. I’ve soared with the eagles and slithered with the snakes and been everywhere in between.” (Source)

That’s about a good summary of the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon individual’s emotional life as you’ll find: emotional powerful and intensely passionate, a seeker of balance but one prone to the occasional revenge fantasy or bout with fanaticism.

According to the Harveys, a metaphoric image for the highest expression of the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon pairing is “A passionate poet leads a mass demonstration.” (Source) That’s a pretty good approximation of Randy Savage. He wasn’t a passionate poet who led mass demonstrations but he was a passionate performer who evoked the most compelling of emotions from masses of wrestling fans.

Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon Astro-Twins: Wrestler Randy Savage, Actor Leonardo Dicaprio

Actor Leonard Dicaprio is also a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) A number of Dicaprio’s most famous roles have involved romantic partnerships, most notably Romeo in the 1996 remake of Romeo and Juliet and Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s epic 1997 film Titanic:

Not unlike some of the deeply romantic characters Leonardo Dicaprio has portrayed on stage and screen, the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon individual can spend his or her entire life searching for their true love. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of this pairing’s capacity for commitment:

Devotion is one of your favorite words, and you may search the globe trying to find someone worthy of your attention and fidelity. Once you do become attached, you will be a model of loyalty. (Source)

Randy Savage, for instance, married his second wife Lynn Payne in May of 2010 on the same beach they had originally fallen in love as teenagers. Savage was quoted at the time as saying, “Thirty-six years ago, Lynn and I met on Lido Beach. I feel so fortunate that I had a second chance to marry my first love, here where it all began.” (Source)

Many astrologers believe that if you scratch a sign you will find its opposite. Other metaphysical modalities have similar beliefs, that one’s external appearance is the opposite of what they are on the inside. It thus makes sense that somebody known as the “Macho Man” would actually be deeply romantic. As astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper says of the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon individual:

This combination wants a romance novel affair complete with happy ending. If you can be faithful, nurturing, and attentive, you’ll have hit one of the Universe’s jackpots. (Source)

Sadly, Savage died of a heart attack almost one year to the day after the above photo was taken.

Two weeks after his passing, Savage’s old colleague Hulk Hogan recalled a fortuitous encounter they had just a few months earlier in the middle of a hospital after not having spoken to each other in over 10 years:

I’m sitting there in the doctor’s office on the little chair and the door swings opens . . . I look up and it’s Randy! He was glowing, his eyes were bright, his spirit was up, he had a new wedding ring on! I just want to tell you guys he was up, he was really, really happy. He was in a really good place . . . we all love and miss him very much. (Source)

It makes sense that Savage’s spirit was in such a glowing state during the last months of his time on the earthly plane. For a Sun/Moon pairing as deeply romantic as Scorpio/Libra there’s no better way to spend the final year of their life then by the side of their beloved.

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