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The Sagittarius Woman: The Professor, the Wrestler, and the Crocodile Wrangler ("She comes from the streets, she comes from the city, she comes from the world where there is no pity . . .")

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Symbolized as a centaur armed with a quiver full of flaming arrows, Sagittarius is the sign most likely to ride into a sleepy village in the middle of the night and raise absolute holy hell. Women with their Sun (identity) in this wildly adventurous sign will often come to be identified with their boldness, their athleticism, and their propensity to “grab the spotlight and set shit off” to quote astrologer Sonya Magett. (Source) This is the woman most likely to “show up in an outfit made for the comic books” Magett observes. (Source) To illustrate: using the comic book’s original publication date as the character’s date of birth, Wonder Woman herself is a Sagittarius female. (Chart) She’s been showing up in “outfits made for the comic books” and “setting shit off” for the last 70 years. If Bruce Lee and Samuel Jackson are the ultimate examples of Sagittarius men who became icons for firing flaming arrows of truth, justice, and total badassery at all-comers then Wonder Woman is a case-study in the Sagittarius female’s desire to outfight, outrun, and outshoot the boys:

Sagittarius loves two things more than anything else: wild adventures and straight shooting honesty. Not coincidentally, Wonder Woman has her own airplane for spur of the moment adventures and is armed with a magical lasso that compels others to speak the truth.

Astrologer Austin Coppock describes Sagittarius as the “Doom Super Soldier” of the zodiac whose life is all about non-stop action while Stella Hyde says Sagittarians make for great rock stars, car-jackers, and crocodile wranglers. (Source) They are particularly well suited for work as “stunt artists” since this line of work allows them to “crash through plate glass windows and get paid for it” Hyde tell us. (Source) To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1980s all female professional wrestling promotion known as the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” (GLOW) has its Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus all in Sagittarius. (Chart) The promotion was, in effect, a band of female stunt artists who (briefly) became something akin to rock stars for raising absolute holy hell in the sleepy village that was late night television during the uber-conservative Reagan era. Two of the performers even came to the ring dressed as car-jackers (“Hollywood and Vine”) while another arrived as an actual crocodile wrangler (“Jungle Woman”). More than a few appear to have been “doom super soldiers” of various persuasions, whether in spirit or by trade. The ladies of GLOW may not have crashed through actual plate glass windows but they did shake up society’s glass like assumptions regarding what women should or should not do with their bodies:

Sagittarius women love to make audacious proclamations every bit as much as their male counterparts and, indeed, the line from the GLOW rap “we come from the streets, we come from the city, we come from the world where there is no pity” is an excellent summary of the Sagittarius female’s bold approach to life.

It may seem ridiculous to use a cultural roller coaster as spectacularly absurd as GLOW to illustrate anything serious but truth be told it’s a textbook example of all things Sagittarius. During its four year run the promotion “grabbed the spotlight and set shit off” so boldly that shortly before its unexplained folding it had amassed 7 million weekly viewers, an incredible number given its threadbare budget and kitschy production values. In true Sagittarian fashion, GLOW even managed to fire off a few flaming arrows of competition at the World Wrestling Federation, the vastly larger wrestling company that considered women incapable of getting the job done as actual in ring performers. As a surprisingly moving 2012 documentary about GLOW explains, the ladies were politically incorrect, totally out of control, and unlike anything else on television at the time. In other words, they were as Sagittarius it gets:

It’s a toss up between Aquarius and Sagittarius as to which astrological sign is most likely to believe “the powers that be” are suppressing advancements in science and technology or silencing truth-tellers. GLOW obviously had nothing to do with suppressed science or advancements in technology but one can’t help but why, out of the blue, it was forced to close up shop after only 4 years in existence. With 7 million weekly viewers, very healthy profit margins, and seemingly unlimited marketing opportunities something doesn’t add up about why it was shut down at the very height of its popularity. Maybe the idea that wrestling was obviously entertainment and that women could draw ratings as well as men was a bit too much truth for the wrestling world’s version of the “men behind the curtain”. Female icon and all round Super-Sag Wonder Woman has never gotten her own motion picture the way iconic male superheroes like Superman and Batman have, perhaps for some of the same narrow minded reasons GLOW has never been resuscitated.

Like her male counterpart, the Sagittarius woman will often outdo her competition by leaps and bounds. Magett warns her readers that this is the sign most likely to take a broken champagne bottle to somebody’s neck at a party or to solve a workplace dispute by leaving a bag of snakes on their boss’s desk. (Source) None of the GLOW ladies ever went quite that far but one did routinely make her way to the ring operating an actual chainsaw while another once wrestled a live bear. (Being half-horse Sag is usually an animal lover) Even those performers who shied away from industrial strength power tools or 700 pound killer animals made no apologies for venturing way outside the boundaries of what was considered socially acceptable for women to be doing with their lives.

Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates Sagittarius with the myth of Vainamoinen, the Finnish God of adventure whose array of fascinating friends and talented sidekicks help him save the day. (Source) According to Kaldera, Vainamoinen’s gift is “to see the golden dream on the far horizon, to figure out the pathway there, to shoot for it, and to inspire others to do the same”. (Source) As the high decibel haute couture favored by the ladies of GLOW makes quite clear, the promotion had no shortage of “fascinating friends and talented sidekicks”:

More importantly than its array of fascinating and talented performers, GLOW inspired its fan base of young women to shoot for the horizons, dream the dreams, and venture the pathways of their own choosing without being held back by society’s assumptions regarding their gender. At the height of its popularity a number of the wrestlers were receiving upwards of 300 fan letters per week, most from young girls seeking advice on how to follow in the footsteps of the Vainamoinen inspired women they were watching on television each week. Writing for Vice Magazine, journalist Jennifer Juniper Stratford recalls the uplifting effect their “take no prisoners” approach had on her as a teenager, emphasis added:

One morning in 1986, my mother came barging into the room I shared with my sister, insisting that we get in front of the television. “I think I found the greatest show on television,” she exclaimed. “It’s called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!”

We crowded around a tiny television and within seconds we were cheering and picking out our favorites. I was 14 at the time and these women were the absolute coolest role models a teenager could ask for. Not only did they wear fantastic outfits while they smashed someone’s head against the turnbuckle, they put feminine stereotypes in a chokehold as well by celebrating the many facets of women using strength and humor. Growing up with a single mom in an all-female household, this was exactly what we needed. (Source)

In other words, what was most Sagittarian of all about GLOW had noting to do with the big hair, outrageous outfits, or wildly out of control performances. According to a review of the GLOW documentary, “GLOW was about a whole lot more than wrestling or even sports: It was about politics, race, sex, gender, and power, and about who controls narratives about women’s bodies and desires”. (Source) Sagittarius is ultimately the sign of the Philosopher and the Clown, both of whom on are quests. The Philosopher is on a quest to seek great spiritual truths while the Clown is on a quest simply to have fun. Behind all the absurdity and camp of GLOW the ladies truly were on a pair of Sagittarian style quests, one to show that women are perfectly capable of defining their own experiences and the other to have outrageous loads of fun while doing so.

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Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon: The Rabble Rouser and the Mischief Maker, the Roughneck Mahatma and Robin Hood Ringleader, the Freelance Firebrand and the Freewheeling Sage, the Whistleblower at Large and the Woman Who Knew Too Much

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Sagittarius is the sign of the the Traveler and the Truth Seeker, the Scholar and the Sage, the Philosopher and the Prophet, the Professor of High Adventure and the Department Chair of Intellectual Beatdowns. Astrologer Austin Coppock refers to Sagittarius as the “Doom Super Soldier” of the Zodiac while Stella Hyde says this is the sign most likely to find work in highly dangerous professions such as bounty hunting, car-jacking, or crocodile wrangling. (Source) Astrologer Sonya Magett says Sagittarius is the sign most likely to be found combining spirituality with gangsterism, whether that involves taking a broken champagne bottle to somebody’s neck at a party or solving a workplace dispute by leaving a bag of snakes on their boss’s desk. (Source) To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1988 film Mississippi Burning is a Sagittarius. (Chart) Based on a true story, the film stars Gene Hackman and William Dafoe as two FBI agents sent to investigate the real-life murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964. There’s no broken champagne bottles or bounty hunting featured in the film but in one particularly Sagittarian scene Gene Hackman’s character does take a razor to the neck of one of the perpetrators. “Doom Super Soldier” tactics for sure:

Combine a Sagittarian’s propensity for spiritual gangsterism and doom super-soldiering with a Gemini Moon’s instincts for communication and the result is a Sun/Moon pairing that is highly spirited, intellectually adventuresome, and can enthusiastically (Sagittarius) converse (Gemini) on pretty much anything. Never afraid to speak out, this pairing is something of a Robin Hood type who can “play the devil’s advocates to the nth degree” and is “quite capable of making jokes at the vicar’s expense” according to Suzi and Charles Harvey. (Source) To illustrate: attorney Jesselyn Radack is a Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon. (Chart) While working for the Department of Justice back in the early 2000s she attempted to blow the whistle on serious ethical violations committed by the FBI. For her efforts she was branded a traitor and subjected to numerous criminal and civil investigations. These days she’s best known as the attorney speaking on behalf of NSA whistleblowers Thomas Drake, Edwin Snowden and others who find themselves targeted by shadowy “vicars” in the employ of the king and his national security court. Given how her clients have been portrayed by the government you could say she’s the ultimate “devil’s advocate”:

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and truth seeking while Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information transmission. The Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon pairing thus expresses much like a Mercury/Jupiter aspect which Adrian Ross Duncan describes as follows:

There is no aspect like this one to give a hunger for knowledge and understanding. The process of learning can continue for the whole of life. It is not limited to the traditional years of education. Being intelligent is one of the highest criteria for people with this combination . . .

[this pairing] is profoundly connected with a sense of injustice, particularly with regard to siblings or schooling. (Source)

In Radack’s case, her hunger for knowledge and understanding led her to Brown University where she was a triple major in American civilization, women’s studies, and political science prior to enrolling at Yale Law school where she graduated with honors. It was during her time in school that she begun to speak out about gross injustices. While at Brown she became a leading defender of the university’s “rape list” in which female students who had been sexually assaulted would scrawl the names of their perpetrators on bathroom walls as a way of warning other women. As a result she ended up on The Phil Donahue show, an appearance which is now archived on YouTube:

A book has already been written about Ms. Radack and it is probably just a matter of time before a film is made too. So whose got the astrological goods to bring a sense of authenticity to her portrayal? Since actors always do their best, most resonant work in roles that line up with the attributes of their Sun/Moon pairing, the best candidate to portray Ms. Radack is probably professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin as he too is a Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon just like Radack. (Chart) Obviously he’s a jean-shorts wearing roughneck out of West Texas and she’s a well dressed attorney out of Yale law school but they actually have more in common than you might think at first glance.


Austin photo credit: Gage Skidmore

As coincidence would have it, Radack is a good looking blonde who once posed in Playboy during her time at Yale while Austin once had a blonde head of hair good looking enough that he was part of a tag team called the “Hollywood Blondes”. More importantly than looks is that as a fellow Sagittarius/Gemini he’s got the astro-psychology to portray somebody who won’t be kept down or shut up like Ms. Radack. You see, by the late 1990s Austin had become arguably the most sought after entertainer in all of North America for portraying a persona that was to the imaginary world of professional wrestling what Jesselyn Radack is to the real world of government whistle-blowers: an outspoken devil’s advocate who applied his intellectual (Sagittarius) dexterity (Gemini) to taking on an all powerful king and his court of vicar-flunkies. This circa 1997 video is pretty much a case study in the Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon pairing. From Mr. Austin’s brash, super soldier (Sagittarius) entrance to his tirade against the authorities to his cutting repartee and clever use of the announcer’s headset (Gemini) to the no holds pandemonium that breaks out at the end it’s as Sagittarius/Gemini as it gets. The fun starts at 2:30:

The world of professional wrestling is, of course, choreographed but one of the reasons Austin’s act got over so incredibly well is that it walked the tight rope between reality and fiction. A young, highly talented up-and-coming performer in the mid-1990s, Austin had been fired from Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) promotion in 1995 while creaky, rapidly aging stars from the 1980s were still hogging the spotlight. He found work at a regional minor league promotion called Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) where his righteous sense of anger (Sagittarius) was provided unfettered access to the microphone (Gemini), something he had previously been denied. He begun giving interviews which accurately mocked major decision makers in the wrestling business, something that no other performer was willing to do. From there his trouble-making, rabble-rousing “Stone Cold” persona was born and the rest is history.

As the arc of Austin’s career makes clear, Sagittarius/Geminis are at their best when they’re speaking their minds, telling their stories, and refusing to be silenced.

Of course speaking one’s mind can also get one in a lot of hot water. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this is arguably the one most likely to get fired or even carted off to jail for speaking out against the system. Radack lost her job and almost went to jail in real life for refusing to go along with the system at the DOJ while the storyline that skyrocketed Austin to national prominence revolved around his alter-ego losing his job and being hauled off to jail for doing the same thing. The storyline was fictional but one that many Sagittarius/Geminis like Ms. Radack can likely vicariously relate to. Video starts at 3:45:

If you’re reading a website like this one then you’re more likely than not the sort of person who has nothing but respect for a whistleblower like Radack. Unfortunately that sentiment is not yet shared by the consensus in our culture. Consider, for instance, what one expert had to say in an article about Radack entitled “Anatomy of a Whistleblower”:

“Whistleblowers are not necessarily people I’d want to have a beer with,” says C. Fred Alford, a University of Maryland political scientist and the author of a fascinating book that applies psychological theory to whistleblowers’ experiences. “There is almost by definition something a little unsocialized about the true believer, as I like to call them.” Or even, in our go-along-to-get-along society, something a little scary. As one whistleblower told Alford, we’re all afraid of people who feel compelled to “commit the truth.” (Source)

It’s probably true that a person has to be somewhat “unsociable” to be a whistleblower. Sure, such individuals might make others uncomfortable but at a time where lies are en masse passed off as truths our society could sure use a few more unsociable Robin Hood types who refuse to go along with the evil deeds of the king and his high paid vicar flunkies. This is the case whether we’re talking about the garishly fictional universe of the World Wrestling Federation or the all too real garrison state now headquartered in Washington DC.

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