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Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon: Wrestles with Demons, the Witch’s Brew (“Nightmares are the best part of my day . . .”)

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People with their Suns (identity) in Gemini will often come to be identified with their capacity for communication. Symbolized as a pair of twins talking to each other, Gemini Suns almost always have at least two personalities within them. If their Moon (emotional needs) is in Scorpio — the sign of the Criminal Deviant and the Depth Psychologist, the Sorcerer and the Spell-Caster — then at least one of their personalities will be characterized by some serious extremes. Astrologer Raven Kaldera calls Gemini/Scorpio the Sun/Moon pairing of “The Cloaked One” who “understands brutality and horror . . . who must go down to the darkness and wrestle his demons to the ground”. (Source) To illustrate: professional wrestler James Brian Hellwig is a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) He’s best known for portraying “The Ultimate Warrior”, a popular if controversial 1980s wrestling persona cloaked by face paint and characterized by maniacal extremes. In true Gemini/Scorpio fashion Hellwig’s alter ego once explained, “Nightmares are the best part of my day”. (Source)

Linda Goodman warns her readers that when Gemini and Scorpio pair up they will often form “pretzels of intrigue”, ones that are equal parts Merlin the Magician and Houdini the Illusionist. Together these two signs can “mix up a White Witch’s brew of happiness . . . one that can detect illusion from reality or discover that the two are interchangeable”. (Source) The combination will also “long to solve the mysteries that lie out there among the stars and the comets” she tells us. In 1990 Hellwig appeared on the Arsenio Hall show in his alter ego the Warrior but, as the deeply concerned look on Arsenio’s face at 2:35 of this video indicates, he’s more than a bit nervous as to whether Hellwig is entirely clear on where reality begins and illusion ends. At the time, wrestlers routinely appeared “in character” on Arsenio’s show but none of them took their performances to the intense extremes that Hellwig did. Arsenio is a comedian, a good one, so he played the situation for laughs but it’s clear he’s not sure how to handle the whirlwind of interchangeable intrigue and pharmacological witchcraft that’s made its way onto his show. Similar to most of his in-character promos, Warrior explained to Arsenio that he was guided by the mysteries of the stars, the comets, and other mysterious cosmological forces from above.


Of course the mystery and intrigue that surrounded the Ultimate Warrior character was also a large part of his appeal. By the 1980s everybody knew wrestling was a choreographed show but Hellwig’s alter-ego was so convincingly strange that it was impossible not to wonder what about the man was an illusion and what was a reality, what was witchcraft and what was writing, what was a character and what was a cloak. Many Gemini/Scorpios end up grappling with similarly themed paradoxes about who and what they actually are, although few will sport the hellaciously well teased hair that Hell-Wig did.

The only wrestler of the last 30 years to rival Hulk Hogan in terms of popularity, Hellwig and his alter-ego were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 4th of this year. His wife and daughters, who had never seen him wrestle during his career, accompanied him to the ceremonies. Three days later he was found dead by way of a “catastrophic medial incident”, believed to be related to his heart.

Gemini/Scorpios often love to talk (Gemini) about death, darkness, and the occult (Scorpio). During his career Hellwig made graphic descriptions of death a consistent theme in his promos and participated in numerous story lines involving witchcraft, voodoo, darkness, and the occult. When he retired from wrestling there were constant rumors that he had died, so much so that when the WWE announced his actual death many people assumed it was yet another rumor. Strangely enough, he did seem to foreshadow his own death during a monologue he delivered on WWE television the night before his passing:

Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat, his lungs breathe their final breath and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalised.

Astrologer Jefferson Andeson refers to the Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon pairing as the “Storyteller” whose “forceful and magnetic personality . . . projects an explosive image. You know where you’re going, even if nobody else does”. (Source) In Hellwig’s case, a good deal of his alter ego’s popularity stemmed from projecting as so explosive, forceful, and magnetic that nobody knew what he was going to do or where he was going to go once he hit the ring. The result for fans was, as Linda Goodman describes the Gemini/Scorpio pairing, a “White Witch’s brew” of utter excitement and total inspiration. According to a number of wrestlers interviewed for a 2005 documentary on his career, wrestling crowds would “pop” so loudly when the Warrior’s distinctive ring music came on that “it was deafening, you couldn’t hear yourself think”. (Source) Even Jesse Ventura, never a man to be silenced, once said he gave up trying to talk over the crowd’s response to Warrior.

Gemini and Scorpio form what’s known as a “quincunx”, an inherently discordant aspect that results in extreme ingenuity, extreme instability, or a combination of both. The textbook Gemini/Scorpio will thus have to make constant adjustments between the radically different nature of their luminaries in order to maintain an even keel in life. According to Suzi and Charles Harvey, Gemini/Scorpio individuals will often wrestle with the disconnect between the highly communicative (Gemini) and deeply covert (Scorpio) sides of their psyche:

Your life seems to be a breeze until you start noticing the monsters from the deep coming up for air. Then life begins to seem more like an expedition across hostile territory than a jaunt to visit friends.

Wrestling with, and communicating your insights and the paradoxes of your deep inner experience is essential to your larger health and contentment. (Source)

In Hellwig’s case, he routinely described life in the WWE as more of an “expedition across hostile territory” than a jaunt with colleagues. His promos and, later, his YouTube videos make it clear he was very invested in “communicating his insights and deep inner experiences”, no matter how radically paradoxical they may have seemed to outside observers. As far as “monsters from the deep coming up for air” are concerned, it’s difficult to find a better example of that than the now famous (infamous?) “Crash the Plane” promo he cut in the lead up to the 1990 installment of Wrestlemania:

Gemini is the sign of the Communicator while Scorpio Moons require contact with the dark and the taboo in order to feel themselves. The combination of communication (Gemini) about the taboo (Scorpio) means that many Gemini/Scorpios will experience censorship at some point in their lives. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a Gemini/Scorpio whose battles with censorship have been extensively documented. Hellwig was a professional wrestler, not a whistleblower, but the above promo has apparently been scrubbed from the WWE’s officially available library. A reason has never been given but it probably has something to do with the fact that story Hellwig tells about hijacking an airplane and sending it into a nosedive towards “parts unknown” bears more than a passing resembleance to the events of 9/11. The maniacal tone he summoned for the recording only adds to its multiple levels (Gemini) of creepiness (Scorpio).

South Node in Aries, North Node in Libra: Symbol of Past Lives in the Sign of Warfare, Symbol of Destiny in the Sign of Diplomacy, Partnership, and Dance

While a person’s Sun/Moon pairing describes their basic psychological disposition, it’s their Nodal axis that describes what they’re here to leave behind and what they’re here to learn. The South Node describes the “what they’re here to leave behind” side of the equation while the North Node describes the “what they’re here to learn” side. With his South Node in Aries, the sign of courage, confrontation, and self-preservation, Hellwig has spent many lives as, quite literally, a warrior. He came into this life naturally good at all things Aries: kicking ass, breaking free, fighting back, and looking out for number one. These are also ways he was most likely to self-destruct in this life. With his South Node in Aries, his North Node (destiny) is in Libra — the sign of of relationships, reconciliation, and relating to “the other”. The way of cooperation, not combat, was what Hellwig was really here to figure out.

Ironically, success in the world of professional wrestling is inherently a Libran style endeavor. That may come as a surprise to anybody distracted by the industry’s over the top camp and brutish theatrics. The reality, however, is that the best matches will be those where the two performers each attempt to make the other person look good. What the performers are really doing is thus more akin to partner dancing (Libra) than fighting (Aries), fantasy (Pisces), stunt-work (Sagittarius) or even acting (Leo). Randy “Macho Man” Savage, for instance, is a Scorpio with a stellium in Libra in his chart. (Article) When he passed away a few years ago a number of old wrestlers came out of the woodwork to say how fabulous it was to work with him, how he would always make “the other” guy look like a million bucks. Hellwig, with his North Node (destiny) in Libra (cooperation), would have been wise to emulate Randy Savage in this regard as much as possible.

People are at their worst when stuck back in their South Node, at their best when their doing things associated with their North Node. In Hellwig’s case, he was at his absolute best the night of Wrestlemania VI when he and Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) put on a performance that many consider the “match of the century”, one that is to the world of wrestling what Gone with the Wind or Titanic are to the world of film. Not coincidentally, the performance began with Hellwig and Bollea’s alter-egos standing face to face in a manner that actually bears a resemblance to the scales of justice, the symbol for Libra.


With his North Node in Libra, Hellwig’s life mission was about the reconciliation of equally matched oppposites

The storyline that Hellwig and Bollea acted out in the months leading up their Wrestlemania match was so enormously successful for the WWE in large part because the two men’s in-ring personas were 100% *equally* matched for each other. The fans at the time were split right down the middle in terms of their support, with many unable to make a decision about who they wanted to root for. Even WWE management gave up trying to decide which man was going to play the hero and which was going to play the villain. At the conclusion of the event the two men even hugged and held hands. So behind the big muscles, teased hair, wild outfits, and choreographed press-slams the whole thing was actually as textbook Libra as it gets.

Strangely enough, Hellwig signed his initial contract with the WWE on September 23rd, 1987 just as an eclipse in early Libra was hitting his North Node almost to the degree. Transiting eclipses to a person’s natal North Node are incredibly powerful events. In Hellwig’s case the contract he signed that day ended up not only shaking up the wrestling world but also gave him everything he would ever be known for in this life.


If a person’s life can be analogized to a journey, the South Node is where they start off and the North Node is where they (hopefully) end up. Hellwig passed just as he was beginning his third North Node return, a major astrological turning point that occurs every 18.5 years in a person’s life. Reports are that in the days prior to his death Hellwig had managed to make peace with the WWE and reconciled with a number of wrestlers he had been at odds with for going on 20 years. He even managed to bury the hatchet with Hulk Hogan, a man he’d been feuding with in both the imaginal world and the real world since the 1990s. That’s good to hear because when a person’s North Node is in Libra, peace and reconciliation, not combat and warfare, are exactly what they’re here to seek out. This is true even when the person is the Ultimate Warrior himself.

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Virgo Stellium in the 12th: “We Own the Night”

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Editor’s Note: this is excerpt #2 from a magazine length article on the astrology of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the NSA’s (silent) partner in surveillance, entitled “Deep Cover, Deep Space: The Astrology of America’s Black Budget Space Program”. Excerpt #1 can be read here. -Matt

The NRO’s Sun (identity), Venus (love, self-worth), Pluto (extremes, power, terror) and North Node (destiny) are all in Virgo (analysis, technical wizardry), all in the 12th House (hidden matters, secret societies). Virgo is the sign of precision while a 12th House emphasis is often seen in the charts of those who work at night. (Source) Take a close look at the NRO patch featuring a pair of mesh covered owl eyes that reads “We Own the Night”. In the lower half of that patch you’ll see four triangles, three filled in and one hollowed out, which appear to be flying over the Southern Hemisphere. The triangles in the patch are believed to represent four of the NRO’s Onyx class spy satellites, three of which are still in orbit and one of which deorbited in 1997. Whoever created this patch did so with a real Virgoan eye towards precision because, according to Mr. Paglen, the four triangles in the patch are depicted in the precisely correct orbital orientations to the planet as the NRO’s Onyx satellites are in real life. (Source)


The caption “We Own the Night” on this patch is a reference to the fact ONYX satellites are equipped with an imaging technology known as “Synthetic Aperture Radar” (SAR), the development of which was pioneered by the NRO in partnership with the U.S. Air Force. SAR uses the echoes of radar waves to create incredibly detailed images of a target without any need for an on-board optical camera. (Source) Night vision cameras, by way of contrast, simply magnify light already being reflected off the moon or that’s generated via other ambient sources. SAR technology requires absolutely no light whatsoever. It thus allows whoever possesses it to see as accurately (Virgo) during the night (12th House) as the rest of us see during the day.

An example of SAR in action should help illustrate just how powerful this technology is when it comes to discernment (Virgo) of the unseen (the 12th House). Back in 1978 NASA launched an oceanographic satellite equipped with SAR known as “SeaSat One”. (Source) SeaSat’s onboard SAR enabled it to remotely detect what was going on deep beneath the ocean’s surface by using radar wave echoes to sense through the water, loosely akin to what a medical intuitive does when they detect what is going on with your body by sensing into it. As a result, SeaSat collected more information about the conditions of the oceans in 100 days than all of humanity had collected in the previous 100 years. (Source) This isn’t meant to imply that SAR equipped satellites like those built by the NRO are “psychic” in the literal sense of the word. Their astonishing imaging capabilities can, however, be reasonably analogized to a technological version of extrasensory perception — the exact sort of phenomenon we astrologers associate with the 12th House.

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